Katherine Wise

Anthony Outred

Anthony Outred brings Katherine Wise to London

23rd June – 4th July, 2015

This collection is being showcased by Anthony Outred at 72 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8LS.

Anthony Outred will also be at Masterpiece London on Stand D23

Anthony Outred, the exclusive UK outlet for Katherine Wise, will be bringing her latest collection to Pimlico Road from 23rd June until 4th July 2015. During her career as a studio artist Katherine Wise’s interest has been with the fundamental instincts which drive humanity. Her focus has been on creating a body of work describing the vital force of life through form. She is intrigued by indigenous cultures and curious about the elemental forces in human nature that unite us across civilisations.

Her work on show with Anthony Outred consists of powerful single forms and totemic groups using predominantly wood and mixed media paintings. Echoes of Hepworth, Moore and Brancusi can also be seen in her works.

The vitality in her tower structures recalls the fertility sculptures of Western Africa as well as the Bis poles of the Asmat of New Guinea. A figurative aspect is brought to mind by the use of the circle or head on her monumental installations. This can be seen particularly in her piece ‘Circle of Solitude’ that seems to draw influence from the ancient culture of Neolithic man in its resonance with the Men-an-Tol of Cornwall and the circular jades from the Shang Dynasty. Her standing sculptural group, ‘The Three Sisters’, is an installation of three pieces carved from eucalyptus evoking African fertility pieces and ancient Indian yoni sculpture.

Wise’s mixed-media triptychs will also be showcased in this exhibition to offer collectors powerful and compelling images.

Katherine Wise comments, “As well as a concern with content and the making process, my interest lies in human interaction with the pieces. By becoming invested with other ideas, thoughts and reactions, the pieces become entities in their own right. This is as much a personality of the work as my own intent.

Anthony Outred adds, “I am delighted to be able to introduce Katherine’s sculpture to our collectors. I have long admired her work and how she communicates ideas through form, uniting nature with indigenous civilisations. Her works offer both monumentality and intimacy that display as well in the park as in the drawing room.”

Katherine Wise is a British artist based in Greece, who has drawn inspiration for her sculptural forms from indigenous cultures, particularly exploring the concepts of fertility and life force. She uses natural materials to create monumental, totemic works that add a dimension to any landscape or interior in which they are sited. She continues to travel widely further to explore concepts and beliefs that are core to world wide cultures and in part are reflected in her work.

Her work can been seen in international collections in San Francisco, Chicago, Sydney, Geneva, London and Corfu.

This collection can be viewed both at Anthony Outred Limited, 72 Pimlico road, and online at www.outred.co.uk

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