Katherine Wise

‘Rain appeared in mid-air
Sky & Earth rushed,
to make connection’
by Anditya Bhaskara

I am continually amazed by the fine balance of nature with its seasonal cycles of hot and cold, wet and dry and by the conversion of air to droplets of water feeding the land and supporting life before finally expiring and becoming earth and air once again. This eternal and fragile rhythm is central to my work.

Much of my childhood was spent in Asia and Europe and the impact of their diverse landscapes and cultures made a great impression on my early life. Despite this diversity, I have always been mindful that the intrinsic needs of all human beings are the same; namely, to have a living purpose, to belong, to eat, to breathe, to sleep, to love and to be loved. These elemental observations have led me along paths of exploration, which over time have revealed a simple and grounded expression in my sculpture.

Often confounded by humanity’s way of being in the world, I endeavour to make and use this process to reconcile the tremendous harmonies and disharmonies there are. Working creatively is a way of expressing what I absorb, as I hear and experience the world in which we live.

Familiar with packing up and re-locating to wherever necessary, living on the move gave me a predisposition for travel and a deep curiosity about humanity. At the same time, it instilled in me a deep yearning to belong where I can experience a less tenuous attachment to both community and place.

Now living in Greece, I continue my exploration, experimenting with materials and ideas. I love the settled community in which I have found myself, most of whom come from families who have lived in the same location for centuries. It is an inspiring place in which to create and a stimulating point on the planet from where to look both East and West.